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Our Mission

Jody Kuczek, President of Minzek Quality Homes LLC,  has more than 20 years experience in the home remodeling industry. Jody began his career as a home improvement renovator, immediately focused on meeting the needs of  customers. He spent the next 10 years developing DFW Property Management, the original owner and manager of over 50 rental units.

As company President, Jody concentrates his efforts on meeting the needs of customers by making sure only the finest materials and highest quality craftsmanship go in the construction of each Minzek home. 

 Minzek Quality Homes focuses on the ever-expanding pursuit of homebuilding excellence. Minzek Quality Homes is intent on providing the finest design, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction standards in the home building industry, and to continue to build a business whose reputation outshines that of our competition.



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